Amazon Web Services (AWS), databases and migrations

Aws BadgeI am an AWS certified developer associate, and I work daily with AWS services. I have migrated and architected many applications for startups and already established businesses. I take great care of security, performance, reliability and costs management, following AWS best practices and Well-architected framework specifications.

Databases: I have solid experience with RDS, Aurora for PostgreSQL, I have helped customers to migrate and make their database secure and fast in the cloud.

Containers and Serverless: I mainly develop systems using ECS, EKS, Kubernetes, Fargate and Lambda.
I am specialized in developing distributed systems using Golang, Node.js (JavaScript, TypeScript) and Java (Spring Boot).
I generally handle small projects by myself, but I can also easily work with your team or other contractors to complete a larger one.

Infrastructure as code: I do not mess around with the AWS console. All the resources I deploy are version controlled and tested. If your infrastructures are all over the place I can help you extract and organize their configurations so you can have much more control over it. I mainly operate with Cloudformation and Terraform.

DevOps: let me help you set up a blazing fast deployment pipeline using AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy, and other AWS tools in order to automate and deploy your application.

My tech stack

I can work with many different technologies, but those are the ones I am specialized on:

Amazon Web Services
NodeJs, JavaScript, TypeScript
Java (Spring Boot)
Ubuntu, Centos OS, Amazon Linux
Docker, Kubernetes

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