I am Matteo


I am a backend software engineer focused on Databases and AWS.

My main programming languages are Go, Java (Spring Boot), JavaScript (Nodejs).

I am extremely passionate about database technologies and very experienced with Postgres and some flavours of it: RDS, Aurora, Zalando operator for Kubernetes.

Regarding AWS and infrastructures, I have worked a lot with: EKS, Kubernetes, Lambda, Fargate, EC2 and DynamoDB.
I am also an active open source contributor and I like reverse engineering stuff.

If I have to choose one word to describe myself then I would say “creative”. I love the act of creating something that work and people can use and get value out of it. Since I was young, I had my 5000 bricks of Lego and now I have my 5000 (maybe more) lines of code. And I am still building applications like I was building my Lego, with passion!

I like to work on challenging projects and actively participate for the company growth and improvement. I am not only a "programmer", I am also a problem solver, a thinker and an engineer, and as such I like to pitch my own ideas. Programming languages and frameworks are just my tools of choice.

My favourite quote:
"Rise above, focus on science!"
Rick Sanchez

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